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Chronic Pain Through Cold Seasons

January 10, 2021



Did you know that cold weather and seasons can affect chronic joint pain? Pain can be an overall or specific experience, depending on your area and level of pain. No matter the cause, we want to help encourage the best practices moving forward and towards a pain-free life. While we cannot assume one solution fits all, we can certainly focus on hot (or in this case, cold) topics surrounding chronic pain. 

 There are several theories as to how and why, some believing that the nerves in joints may be sensitive to changes in barometric pressure, others believe there could be an expanding and contracting result from pressure changes. 

So, if you’re feeling an increase in pain during the cold weather, here are a few things you might try to alleviate the pain! 

  1. This might be obvious, but try to keep warm! Dress appropriately, use a heating pad or heated blanket, take a hot bath, drink coffee or hot tea, and stay indoors.
  2. Keep moving! This goes for all days. A well-exercised body is going to feel better in general. Additionally, exercising and stretching loosens your muscles/joints. 
  3. If your joints are feeling overused, give them a break. Rest and stretch.
  4. Always remain hydrated.
  5. Take Vitamin D! We can become deficient in Vitamin D due to the lack of sunlight in the colder months. 

If you are feeling anxious about how your pain is being affected by changes in the weather, please reach out to us at 936-755-4412, we would be happy to help in any way we can.