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Does August Feel Like Your New Year?

July 29, 2021

Relaxing in July, Renewing in August 

For students, teachers, and families with children, August is a big month! It’s the beginning of a new school year which comes with plenty of physical and emotional changes. First day of kindergarten, first day at a new school, first day of senior year, so many sentiments that come along with it! July can feel like a long month consisting of sunshine, pool time, weekend trips, and hopefully some downtime. To some, August can bring anxious feelings of the new “year” coming up.

Summer to School Schedule

Along with the firsts comes the new schedule. Whether you are in school or working, your summer schedule often differs from your schedule during the school year. For starters, the commuting traffic dies down in the summer and picks right back once school begins! However, there are typically more people out and about during the day in the summer so it can be a challenge for working employees to maximize their hour lunch break! Additionally, many of us schedule our PTO vacation days during the summer. This can lead to lighter meetings and less business heavy decisions being made until everyone is “back in routine” during the fall. 

Even more so, teachers and students live by the summer/school calendar. August is a huge transition period from a couple of months off to full steam ahead in the fall. So, what kind of advice can we offer you? Let’s dive in!

Transitioning Tips

It’s hard not to get excited! In December and January, excitement is all around the new beginnings that a new year brings. Treat the school year as such, if that excites you. Write down how you spent your summer 2021, your favorite memories, and milestones. Then, write down your goals for the coming school year and how you’d like to make the most of your new schedule. 

Inspiration for Goals

  • Need to drink more water? Water bottles will be on sale for back-to-school supplies!
  • Are you looking to be more active? Fitbits are a great way to track your daily exercise, join friends in step competitions, monitor your average night of sleep, etc. 
  • Don’t leave the fun in summer, what hobbies do you want to participate in? Learn a new instrument, pick up a new intentional journal, join a social group!
  • Worried about a busy schedule? Use a dry erase board calendar or an agenda to write down upcoming events and document reminders.  

The “new year” in August can be overwhelming. We hope you can feel inspired this year and look forward to the opportunity to make this a great semester before the real new year!