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Getting to Know the 55+ Communities

August 18, 2021

What Purpose Do Retirement Communities Serve?

The word retirement can hold so much weight. For some, it’s the rewarding feeling of a lifelong goal finally reached. For many, it’s the pressure of making sure everything is in line before that time comes for yourself or for a loved one. 

In 55+ communities, everything from floor plans and expected home maintenance to community events and resources cater to older homeowners. Also known as retirement communities, they serve the purpose of providing a peaceful home for seniors. With lower maintenance, exciting amenities, safety, a resort-like atmosphere, and great locations, these communities are meant to keep seniors at ease. 

55+ Communities in The Woodlands

The Village at Woodlands Waterway is unique in that it is located in arguably one of the most beautiful areas of The Woodlands. The Waterway is a scenic central spot featuring the best dining and shopping in walking distance! Browsing through their gallery, you can see how much The Village works to create a community feel in a small radius. The Village has independent living, assisted living, and memory care spaces. An assisted living home is a great step for seniors who need more help than their family members can provide, but don’t need round the clock nursing help. Memory care will offer 24 hour care exclusively for loved ones with dementia. They participate in memory-enhancing activities and therapies! 

In addition to offering independent living, assisted living, and memory care, The Forum at The Woodlands also offers respite care, short-term stays, and seasonal stays. Respite care and short term stays can be a favorable option for families in need of a temporary emergency caregiver. It is also meant to provide relief for the primary caregiver for the time being! The Forum practices Five Star’s award-winning Bridge to Rediscovery Alzheimer’s and dementia care program. Five Star’s mission is to “honor and enrich the journey of life, one experience at a time”. 

When To Consider a Retirement Community

If you are facing this decision, here are a few “signs” that might help you to know when it is time to make the move. 

  • Social Signs: isolating, sudden absence in regularly attended gatherings, loneliness
  • Nutrition: weight loss due to finding it harder to cook, skipping meals
  • Home Safety: do you feel unsafe leaving them at home? Are they at a higher risk of an injury or a fall?
  • Observation of Living Environment: is there an obvious struggle? Neglect, lack of cleaning, an abundance of clutter, expired foods sitting out, mail piling up, etc.

According to research, one of the toughest decisions to make concerning the care of a loved one is knowing when it is time to consider moving them to an assisted living home. We hope we can help raise awareness on this subject and help to educate you on the local options available!