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Good Morning & BLESS You!

March 2, 2020
Good morning, Texas and HELLO allergies! With the flu almost behind us, we are entering into the next season of sneezing and coughing for all of you who are allergic to pollen. With Spring around the corner, here are a few ways to prepare for this beautiful and sometimes torturing transition! 

Track the allergies, daily. You can visit the AccuWeather website to track the allergies on a daily basis, from ragweed pollen to mold to air quality. After tracking it for a while, you should be able to recognize which levels you’re reacting poorly to and treat your symptoms accordingly. 

Wash your hands! You don’t realize how many surfaces you touch between the last time you washed your hands and the next time you’re touching your nose or eating finger foods. Pollen is not only in the air but sticks to windows, door handles, backpacks, etc. Keep some sanitizing wet wipes with you and use them as needed! 

Use an air purifier at home or at work to filter the dust and allergens throughout your home! This is a great proactive way to keep your breathing air clean and hopefully eliminate the constant sneezing and coughing. Making sure to also change your air conditioning filters monthly.

Stay on top of your allergies this year! Simply washing your hands can go a long way.