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Healthy Eats Around The Woodlands

June 4, 2021

Summertime Sunshine & Snacking!

Summertime brings sunshine, activities, heat, and a lot of busy bodies! If you are looking to hone in on a healthier selection of foods to fuel your body this Summer, we’ve done the research for you. Below are a couple of easy and enjoyable options that we encourage you to try. 

Flower Child

If you have not already done so, plan your next lunch date at Flower Child, STAT! Just taking a look around, you’ll see how much thought has gone into the vision and motivation behind the restaurant. Their mantra is “Healthy Food for a Happy World”, and that is exactly how you will feel during your experience, healthy and happy! Check out their menu & website here

P.S. Their kids menu is AWESOME!

Whole Foods “Grab & gourmet”

Whole Foods has an entire section dedicated to quick and easy meals. From sushi, to teriyaki bowls, to quiches, to enchiladas and salads, the limit does not exist! This option is a great solution to parents who are juggling dropping off and picking up their kids, running errands, or working full time, and need a quick meal without a kitchen. 

True Food Kitchen Meal Prep Pack

This is the coolest! True Food Kitchen has an order online option, click this link here to view. Scroll to the bottom to view the meal prep option. It includes 1 protein and 2 sides with 5 servings of each! This gets you a healthy and delicious lunch for the entire week, at a steal for $60. And that’s just the meal prep. True Food Kitchen is a beautiful restaurant and an absolute delight to dine in. 

There you have it, folks! Whether you’re looking for convenience, a great atmosphere, or a quick bite- any of these three have that healthy selection for you.