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How to Avoid the Post-Race Blues

March 2, 2020

If you completed your first marathon-type race or event this year, you might be experiencing an unfamiliar “mood”, some call it the post-race blues. It’s brought on by the very sudden change of pace after you complete the event you’ve been training so hard for.

For months you schedule your daily life around giving yourself time to train and exercise, you are particularly conscious of the food and drinks you consume- not only for overall health but because you might be running ten miles in the morning to train for your marathon in two months. 

As you’re training, it’s always in the back of your mind. The nerves about if you’re well-prepared, the excitement of celebrating afterward, the researching of needed materials and event details- these all consume a good part of your energy outside of physically training! 

It’s also hard not to talk about it when you are preparing for a marathon or triathlon! They are extremely challenging and we all know that it takes a village. Having the support of your family and friends is crucial in leading up to your event. 

So what about when it’s all over? You’re not bringing it up in conversation so much, you’re not feeling the internal pressure to make specific choices in your diet and how you spend your free time preparing and training. It’s a big change! 

What can you do to kick back into gear? The instant gratification would be signing up for another race! If you’re sad it’s over, that’s a sign you really enjoyed it, so why not do it again? Keep running. Runners get addicted to that place where their mind goes when they’re immersed in a long run. Keep bringing your mind to that place! Maybe that means switching it up to find it with yoga, rock climbing, backpacking, or another goal. Follow runners on social media to keep the image in front of you, it will keep you motivated!