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“I Got a New Lease On Life!”

December 29, 2020

“I Got a New Lease On Life!”



One of our dear patients, Wanda, was so excited to share her success story, that she allowed us to give her a call and ask her about her experience being treated at Pain Center Houston. Wanda said she had trouble for years. Suffering from a neck injury in 1998, Wanda has dealt with the chronic pain every day since. After a recommendation to visit Dr. Moore, Wanda contacted the Pain Center of Houston. She tried the spinal steroid injection but it did not work for her. Following that, she had a stem trial for the stimulator put in and she began to feel the relief immediately! She said it worked so great, it was like getting a new lease on life! She knew in the first week that she wanted the permanent implant put in.

Post-Procedure: “I Got a New Lease On Life!”

After the procedure, she was instantly better, definitely a success! 90% of her pain from her head and her neck has been relieved. Since then, Wanda’s sleep has improved significantly. She used to wake up and hardly be able to move her neck. The stimulator has relaxed her neck so it isn’t painful to move her head anymore. Three weeks after her procedure, she was still limited for the time being, but so excited to be feeling better! Wanda said, “I would absolutely do it again because the pain relief is so worth it!  Dr. Moore was very nice, the office staff was great, and overall it was a really good experience.”

Wanda is excited to get back to helping her daughter run her boutique, Lacey Kate Boutique, check it out here!

Thank you, Wanda, for your extensive review! We hope Wanda’s story inspires others who might be experiencing the same kind of pain to call Pain Management Center of Houston today!