Open For Elective Surgeries and Procedures

April 27, 2020

What does this mean?

At the Pain Management Center of Houston, we have been doing our best to provide you with immediate updates as things change, or stay the same! From the beginning of COVID-19, we have been fully committed to following safety precautions for our staff and patients. In our practice, we have been extremely careful to follow all CDC guidelines. As we work with other facilities to open back up for elective surgeries, we have assured that each facility has been practicing the same standards. With that being said, we are open for elective surgeries again!

What is considered an elective procedure?

An elective procedure is simply one that is planned in advance, rather than one that’s done in an emergency situation. At Pain Management, this could look like scheduling a Sympathetic Nerve Block for pain relief.Β  In avoidance of surgery, Pain Management offers MLS Laser Therapy to also provide healing and pain relief. If you have been experiencing pain during this time, or withheld from elective procedures due to the coronavirus, please visit our website to review our services offered and contact information to discuss further!