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Parks To Visit in The Woodlands

July 1, 2020

It’s a weird time right now. We’re quarantined to our homes, businesses are shutting down, and socializing is limited. We’ve almost been forced to find entertainment in the simpler things. For the older generations, this might bring you back to a time where your parents put you outside for the day and you made the most of it! From bike riding to building forts, your creativity was the game and the outdoors were your playground- with a few rules here and there.

We are finding value in owning a bike, pulling out the old rollerblades, playing basketball with our kids, and building gardens together! Simpler times spent indoors brings value to books we never finished, crossword puzzles that challenge our brain, and board games that give us all a reason to gather around the table together. 

Here in The Woodlands, we have the advantage of living in an area that offers wooded parks and walking trails, shaded areas, and hills! We’ve compacted a quick list of parks that are currently open and practicing social distancing. 

Let us know if you have suggestions to add! At Pain Management Center of Houston, we put the community first. Please stay safe, and sane, during this difficult time.