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Relief for Chronic Pain in the Winter

December 18, 2021

Relief for Chronic Pain in the Winter


Winter is coming, and with colder weather, chronic pain sufferers often report experiencing increased pain symptoms with colder weather. What causes these increased symptoms and how can you find relief?

Why You Experience More Pain in the Winter

Colder temperatures and drops in barometric pressure can cause muscle and joint tissues to expand and cause pain. The seasonal depression that people often experience in the winter can also heighten sensitivity to pain or make it difficult to find motivation to stick to your pain management routine.

How to Alleviate Chronic Pain in the Winter

The most important thing to alleviate chronic pain in the winter is to stay warm. Keep your muscles and joints warm and loose by dressing warmly. Pile on those layers. Get cozy under the electric blanket. Keep your home at a comfortable temperature. When you have a flare up, treat the affected area with a heating pad.

Maintain your fitness routine. It is important to stick to your pain management routine and stay active and stretch daily. Dressing warmly and being sure to stretch and stay loose will mitigate the painful, stiffening effects of cold weather.


There are steps you can take to lessen your pain symptoms in the winter. Remember to stay warm and to stay active. If you are still struggling to find relief from your aches and pains, please consult with a pain specialist.

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