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Sports and Fitness in The Woodlands

February 22, 2022

Sports and Fitness in The Woodlands


The Super Bowl and the Olympics may be over, but hopefully you’re feeling inspired and still have sports fever. Staying active is important to any pain management regime, and sports are a fun way to get exercise. Here’s some ideas on where to get active in The Woodlands.

Public Sports

The Woodlands Township Parks and Recreation offers various activities to the community. You can sign up for classes like tai-chi and yoga, or join a community sports league. You can play sports like pickleball, tennis, soccer, basketball, and more. Programs are offered at The Rob Fleming Rec Center and The Bear Branch Rec Center. 

Go For a Hike

The Woodlands typically enjoys nice weather all-year around. This means perfect weather for walking or going on nature hikes. Visit the George Mitchell Nature Preserve to enjoy fresh air and beautiful views while you exercise.

Join a Sports Club

Whether you prefer group fitness or working out on your own, joining a sports club can be a great way to stay fit. Check out the offerings at Villa Sport Athletic Club and Spa. They offer group fitness classes, personal training, sports facilities, and fitness options the whole family can enjoy.

Hit the Water

Do you love water sports? Head over to Riva Row & Lakes Edge Boat House for a variety of aquatic activities. You can rent swan boats, kayaks, paddle boards, and water bikes. Are you over 65? Check out their Active Adult Kayaking event.


The Woodlands offers many options for those who want to stay active. From public sports leagues, fitness clubs, nature trails, and water sports, there’s something for everyone. Need help figuring out which activities will help ease your chronic pain? Schedule a consultation with Dr. Moore.