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Stretches You Can Do At The Office

November 11, 2019

Sitting at a desk for a consecutive period of time can have some lasting effects! It’s important to prevent any potential aches or pains by keeping a good posture, as well as getting up to stretch throughout the day. If you have a watch device that keeps track of your steps, set up the alerts to remind you to get up and move at the end of every hour.

However you choose to set a reminder, use that time to get up and walk around! Fill up your water, step outside to get some fresh air, and before sitting back down at your desk- do a couple of stretches. Here are a few that you can do at your desk without drawing too much attention.

Neck Rolls are simple and can be done when you are standing or seated! Simply put your chin to your chest and sway your head from left to right and back a few times. Slow it down and stretch your ear to your shoulder to really release some tension.

The Standing Side Bend is a super refreshing and energizing stretch! Lift your arms straight towards the ceiling, grab one wrist, and pull that wrist up and towards the opposite side of your body. Alternate wrists and remember to exhale as you release the stretch!

Shoulder Rolls should be done while you are standing, and are a great combination with neck rolls! Stand up straight, looking forward, with your hands by your sides, lift up your shoulders and roll them back. Continue lifting and rolling until you feel loosened up. 

The Seated Lower Back Stretch requires a bit of ability to stretch in your outfit, but is super effective! Sitting in your chair, bring one knee toward your chest while grabbing the back of your thigh and gently pull it toward you. Keep your back straight and hold this pose for at least thirty seconds before alternating knees. 

If you are suffering from aches and pains in a specific area, reach out to us at the Pain Management Center of Houston so we can help!