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Texas Flowers to Plant in the Spring!

April 27, 2020

The Spring season in Texas is always a little unpredictable. We know this for sure, there will be rain, there will be pollen, and it will get hot- quick! If you’re looking for a new hobby this season, it’s the perfect time to pull out your green thumb and see what gardening in Texas is all about. Here are a few of the flowers that thrive in the Spring season!


 hibiscus flower


The hibiscus flower is a fan-favorite! It’s beautiful, bright, colorful, and gives off a tropical vibe. If cared for properly, they can survive throughout the year, blooming in the Spring and Summer months. You’ll want to get a large pot for your hibiscus, exposing them to full to partial sun, and keeping the soil moist but never fully soaked.




Looking for a splash of blue in your backyard? The cape plumbago plant is also known as the sky flower- how fitting! Its flowers bloom as the color of a clear blue sky. These will need plenty of room, they grow as shrubs and can bloom all year long! Keep this one in full sun with fertile, well-soaked soil!



These flowers thrive in warmer weather! They can certainly withstand the heat of our Texas Summers. Beginning with leafy greens, they will soon bloom beautiful white bushels and spread wide! You’ll want to place them in an area that allows for morning sun and shades from the direct afternoon heat. In addition to this, keep the soil moist but never fully soaked. 


Happy gardening!