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The Top 10 Exercises for Reducing Pain in Every Area of your Body!

July 25, 2022

The Top 10 Exercises for Reducing Pain in Every Area of your Body! Simple, easy, and feel good. 

Reducing pain is a top priority for those who struggle with chronic pain. Here are the top 10 exercises you can do to reduce pain in every area of your body! These are simple and easy activities that have the potential to leave you feeling good. 

10 Aerobic Exercises  

Aerobic exercises can be very helpful for people who struggle with chronic pain. Aerobic exercise has been linked to weight loss. Weight loss can reduce pressure on the joints, so it can be helpful for people who suffer with chronic pain. Walking is an example of an aerobic exercise. Even just walking for 30 minutes 3 to 5 times a week can help increase strength, endurance, and heart health. It does not have to be a fast pace, but just getting out there and moving your body has the potential to decrease your pain. 

9 Swimming or Water Aerobics  

There are different water activities you can do such as swimming or water aerobics that can be great for your body if you struggle with chronic pain. For people with mobility problems or those who struggle with walking due to pain, swimming and water aerobics can be great due to the low impact of the water. It is a cardiovascular exercise that allows you to move without putting added stressors on your joints and muscles. 

8 Deep breathing and/or visualization  

Some people find great relief in deep breathing or visualization. This can allow your body to relax which helps take added stressors of the parts of your body that may be in pain. Laying on your back, closing your eyes, and focusing on your breath can help you de-tense your body which can provide relief. 

7 Stretching 

Stretching is another great tool that many people use for chronic pain relief. One great benefit to stretching is that there are many different stretches that work different parts of the body. You can experiment with different stretches to find what works best for your body and what makes you feel good. Stretching can increase mobility which can be helpful for chronic pain by allowing your body to move more freely. 

6 Strengthening Exercises/Resistance Training 

Strengthening exercises and resistance training can also be very beneficial to those who struggle with chronic pain. By strengthening the muscles around your site of chronic pain, you are putting your body in a better position to move and support that area of pain.

5 Core 

While strengthening exercises are important in many muscle groups, core strength is important for anyone struggling with chronic pain. Core helps for better posture and movement of the body in general. It can help keep your body in proper alignment which can help decrease some pain.  

4 Balance    

Working on balance is another key exercise that may be helpful in decreasing pain. Good balance can help prevent falls and manage some types of pain like back pain. There are many different things you can do to increase your balance ranging from simple balancing exercises to yoga, pilates, martial arts, and more.     

3 Yoga

Chronic pain can alter the way the brain functions and works. Some research suggests that practicing yoga can positively impact the same brain structures that chronic pain is affected by. On top of that, yoga increases flexibility and strength, and can be very calming which can all be helpful for reducing chronic pain.  

2 Motor Control Exercises     

Motor control exercises focus on core muscles in the deep trunk area that help restore and control central coordination. You can do these on land or water. By focusing on motor control, you can learn to better control your body and refine the way the muscles work together to function the most efficiently. 

1 Daily Activity   

We recognize that sometimes, in peak pain, the idea of going on a walk or trying to attempt an actual workout or something on this list seems very daunting. Even just pushing yourself to do daily activities, like doing laundry, walking to the other room, going to get the mail, or doing chores can be helpful for your body. It can be tempting to just sit or lay in your chronic  pain, but moving your body can help decrease chronic pain, even if it is just moving your body in very simple or little ways.   

Specific strength training exercises or stretches that work for you will vary depending on the area the chronic pain is in and your specific experience with it. Contact us at the Pain Management Center of Houston to get a more comprehensive list that is right for you and your chronic pain. We will work with you to come up with the best plan of exercises for you that can help reduce your chronic pain.  Call us at 936-755-4412 or request an appointment with us and we can further discuss other options for decreasing your chronic pain.