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What Makes a Doctor’s Visit Stand Out?

August 19, 2020


Choosing a doctor, specialist, or practitioner is often difficult. Sometimes it is a rushed decision based on Google searches. Other times, it is a tedious process sifting through referrals and reviews. Ultimately, the first visit should speak to whether or not a patient wants to come back again. So, what makes that first visit stand out? Here’s what we’ve gathered!

  1. Foremost, cleanliness & hygiene make a huge first impression. Upon entering the doctor’s office or facility, patients are observing the area. When a patient is waiting to be called on, she would want to feel like the area has been sanitized and the air is clean.
  2. A friendly and comfortable waiting area is often a deciding factor. For the mother or father who brings their children to appointments, it can be stressful to keep them occupied and respectful of others around them. Having a kid-friendly area with simple toys or books is a wonderful addition to compliment a family atmosphere!
  3. Any experience at the front desk should always be positive! While we understand front desk teams are extremely busy, it’s important to welcome new patients with a smile and seamless check-in.
  4. For many, the physician being personable with patients goes a long way. We’ve learned that patients feel much more at ease when their doctor and the office staff makes the effort to establish a relationship with the patient. Whether it be opening a conversation about their job, hobbies, or family!
  5. During the appointment, there are many variables considering the reason for the visit. Ultimately we have discovered that patients are likely to return when they feel that their time with the doctor was focused and efficient in a safe and trusting environment.

These are just five things that help patients feel comfortable during their doctor’s visit. At Pain Management Center of Houston, we take great strides to serve our patients to the best of our ability!